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Empoli Football Club - Special Offers

Empoli F.C. e Hotel Alexandra dal 1992 ad oggi I nostri Ospiti - Amici all' Hotel Alexandra Ritiro Precampionato SERIE B 2013-2014 Ritiro Precampionato SERIE A 2014-2015

From 1992 to 2012 our hotel was the official accomodation of the Empoli Football Club, a long and intense relationship that saw its conclusion at the end of season 2011/2012.


After 2 years of absence, July 11, 2013 for the pre-championship the Empoli Football Club returns to Hotel Alexandra!!! A winning combination that has brought luck for over twenty years.

In these years we have experienced together with all the football players, technicians, directors, and collaborators - who have become part of our family - the journey to various championships: Serie C, Serie B, Serie A and the qualifications for the UEFA Cup.

We strive always to offer our hospitality to meet the requests of the squads and particularly those of "blue colors"... those blue colors, those images imprinted in our walls and in our hearts...

Together again in series A at Hotel Alexandra

Empoli F.C. Still choose our hotel as the venue for the summer retreat in preparation for the next Serie A championship 2014/2015.

Still here...

The combination between our hotel and the blue team continues in the sign of A ... A as series A ... A comes Alexandra ...

After a fantastic season crowned with a quiet and never-to-life salvation, L'Empoli F.C. Again, once again, by tradition and choose Hotel Alexandra as the venue for the pre-season retreat 2015/2016.

Sport team offer

Prices can be arranged for sport teams - luncheons as well as pre and post competition stay.

We offer our professionalism and experience to respond to all your requests for an offer personalized to your requirements.

Our hotel can accommodate and also offer a special service for the youth teams given our close proximity to the Sport Center Monteboro of the Empoli Football Club 5km away.

Please contact us for more information >>

Various squads that have stayed in our hotel
Logos of football club stays at Hotel Alexandra